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Close your eyes and think of Mediterranean. Imagine the bluest sea, and beautiful untouched islands with old olive, fig, cypress and orange trees… Imagine the sunlight on your face and the smells, the sounds… Imagine the secured bays, secret beaches, the forest… Open your eyes. Welcome to Sipan, the largest of islands near Dubrovnik, a place where Mediterranean culture shaped lives and culture since the Roman times… This Dubrovnik island hides its exciting history, and it can’t wait for you to hear its legends. But, among its many secret treasures there’s one particular well-hidden pearl.

A couple of miles across the water loom and massive mountains of the Croatian mainland, you’ll find a little paradise on earth…The crystal blue sea will make you feel whole again, and the fresh breeze will remind you what’s life really about. If you’re looking for an escape from the noise, bustle and crowds of the city, you will find your serenity here. This is restaurant BOWA, a secret garden of delights for all senses and a small world of its own.

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restaurant bowa sipan island dubrovnik


BOWA was born when three young men joined their inspiration and passion for sea, food and simple Mediterranean lifestyle. The cabanas structure came from what Sipan island could give: fig, pine, oak, cypress and beech trees served the purpose. Paved stone was taken out, while the beach and the bay were cleaned, and shaped. It took months of devoted and diligent work, lots of creativity and one skilful carpenter.

Three man, three energies, one passion!

“BOWA is an Ocean kid!”
“We are drifted to the Sea, it is a magic connection, as if it was a mermaid call.”
“Once we came to the little bay we knew we will settle on that very rock.”

Bowa’s headquarter address is:
Dubravkina 9, 20 000 Dubrovnik
OIB/MBS: 66871312228/060365817