Frequently Asked Questions


How to reach us?

Rent a speedboat, explore the coast and enjoy your time at BOWA.  Choose your boat on www.adriatic-explore.com for half or full day experience and you will get 5% discount for online booking. After you choose your boat, let us know, and we will send you a code for an extra 15% discount. The half-day tour is up to 4 hours (from 10:00 to 14:00 o’clock or from 14:00 to 18:00 o’clock) and full day tour is up to 8 hours. In both options, you will have a skipper at your disposal. Each speedboat rental includes: hotel pick up / drop off, English speaking skipper, soft drinks on board, fuel, swimming towels, and snorkeling equipment. Please feel free to make a reservation directly on the website adriatic-explore.com


Rent a return transfer package to BOWA with Adriatic Explore at https://www.adriatic-explore.com/bowa-transfer-booking/ from the hotel in Dubrovnik with a car/van pick up to port Brsecine and then a water transfer service to the restaurant and back, app. 160 eur up to maximum 8 pax for the whole package (not per person; price is per package). Adriatic Explore will help you organise your pick up and return time.
Rent a water transfer service with us directly as the day approaches: a return scheduled drive with a white speedboat signed BOWA from port Brsecine (22 km to the west from Dubrovnik down the coast, you can drive or get an Uber or taxi ) app. 15 eur per person for a return ticket Brsecine – Bowa – Brsecine — Please note, waiting time after your request may occur from 15 min to 30 minDelays are possible on our schedule due to weather and traffic opportunities. Return ticket will be added to your table at Bowa and you may pay on departure. Boat ride from Brsečine to Bowa lasts 15 minutes. About time table of the rides please contact us on info@bowa-dubrovnik.com

How many docks are there?

There are 2 docks and 5 moorings available; there’s a dock with a single mooring, and a dock with 4 moorings. There are two more moorings on the buoys not far from the shore, and one of them is suitable for bigger yachts, catamarans etc.

Do I need to make a reservation?

We strongly recommend that you make a reservation. We advise you to make your reservations before leaving your accommodation, because cell phone coverage and wi-fi can be unpredictable on boat or islands.

The Cabanas: There are special reservation conditions, please contact us for more information.

The Terrace: There are special reservation conditions, please contact us for more information.

Lounge: No reservations are required but we do advise you to contact the restaurant, especially during high season.

Is there a beach?

There’s a beautiful beach at BOWA. There’s a limited number of free sun beds we offer for our guests, for which there are no reservations. There’s no sun umbrellas, so bring your sun-screen 🙂

Please note:
The island of Šipan is rich in wild life, and we like it that way. However, if you have any allergies, or you’re simply bothered by insects like mosquitos we recommend you to wear long pants and appropriate footwear. There’s no shower available at BOWA and we recommend you to drink only bottled water.

Working Hours : 11:00 – 18:00

Please note: We are opened from the 1st of May until the 1st of October. For group inquiries out of working period, please contact us.


Cabana – how long do we have it for? If we plan on lunch at the 3pm offer can we arrive at 1:30 pm or so in order to swim and enjoy the waters/bar, etc?

The cabana is yours from 11.30 am until 5.45/6 pm. If you plan lunch at 3 pm you may not have enough time to enjoy 5 courses. At least 4 hours and we recommend 6 hours for full enjoyment.
Cabana can accomodate max 10 – 12 pax (adults).

Is there a time slot in a cabana as for the terrace?

No. Cabana is envisioned to spend the day with us, as an all-day experience.

Information implies NO Corkage fee – does this mean we can bring our own beverages?

Information of no corkage fee means we only offer our own wines.

As for the menu – we have 2 people that are NOT big fish eaters — what else can we expect?

For the tasting menu it has to be announced prior to your arrival, ideally while booking. Our chef can make slights adjustments to the tasting menu concerning allergies and intolerances. You may order extra from the daily menu if you want to skip some courses.

If I order extra from the daily menu, is it included in the tasting menu price?

Everything you order aside from the tasting menu is extra.

Is the 5 course tasting menu the only Cabana option? Or can one pick from the Terrace menu?

In the cabana you may order daily menu instead of the tasting menu in the amount of minimum spend for the cabana booking. If you do not reach it, the rest will be charged as a consummation fee. Drinks are extra.

Can I order a tasting menu on the terrace?

Between our time slots it is almost impossible to enjoy all 5 courses because you would need much more time – at least 4 hours and we recommend 6 hours.

We are coming with children, what can they order in a cabana?

Our chef has prepared menu for children.

Do I have to announce my first course prior to arrival?

We only require for our guest to announce the time of arrival so we can approximetly set you first course.

If I come with my partner and our three children, may we book a cabana?

You may book a cabana in the minimum consumption amount of 650€. Drinks are extra.

What if we do not reach 650€ if we are having the daily menu?

If you do not reach 650€ of the minimum of the food, the rest will be charged as a consummation fee for booking a cabana.

May I make a deposit with my credit card?

While we are working on online booking, for the moment, due to misuse and frauds of the credit cards, we only accept direct bank transfers.

What if the weather is bad and I have to cancel my booking?

We cannot fight the nature. Of course, there is a cancellation policy.

What is the cancellation policy?

The traveller/the guest has the right to cancel or terminate the cabana arrangement at all times. If the guest is not, for any reason, able to begin the travel he/she can appoint a third person to use the restaurant services instead. The guest is obliged to inform BOWA RESTAURANT about the above change. When the traveller/the guest cancells the booking arrangement or requests a date change, BOWA will retain the following amounts from the full deposit price

up to 30 days prior to the service – 10 % of the total price

29 to 22 days prior to the service – 30 % of the total price

21 to 11 days prior to the service –50 % of the total price

10 to 4 days prior to the service – 100 % of the total price

3 to 0 days prior to the service or no-show – 100 % of the total price

The traveller/the guest is obliged not only to cancel verbally but also to sign the cancellation document prepared by BOWA.

What is seating hour on the terrace? Does this mean I have to leave the table?

Once you choose your seating, for ex. 12 am until 2 pm we invite you to stay at our beach and the lounge area.


BOWA working hours: Closed until 1st of May

We look forward to meeting you at BOWA restaurant!