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BOWA is much more than a restaurant. It’s an experience, a feeling… Your memories in the making.
BOWA is the smell of Adriatic, the sound of crickets, the sea-salt-kiss on the lips, beautiful sunset,
the emerald-blue sea color, the smile on your lover’s face, BOWA is the peak of your summer.
If you would like to have lunch at BOWA, one thing is sure – you will get the Best Of Whats Around



May 1st to October 1st– available for booking. We strongly recommend that you make a reservation, preferably before leaving your accommodation as cell phone coverage and wifi can be unpredictable on the boat or the islands.


Maximum number of guests that may fit the cabana is 14 guests, but to fit a cabana comfortably we recommend maximum 10 guests.

To book a cabana the minimum spend amount is 650 EUR from 1 up to 4 guests which includes: the privacy fee (cabana rental from 11 am until 6 pm), two sunbeds, towel for each guest and food (the daily menu or the tasting menu which has to be announced one day prior to your arrival). Drinks are not included. We serve only our own drinks and no corkage fee is available.

For each additional guest above 4 guests, the price is 90 EUR per person extra (on top of the minimum spend of 650 EUR). Drinks are not included.
Children under 12 y.o. do not have to fill the minimum spend policy or the extra 90 EUR per person and may order daily offer or the kids menu.


Our chef creates a tasting menu as a symphony of the nature, playing with what is edible but simple and raw; cooking with what we can flourish from the seas and from the trees. What will be served? – We really do not know until that morning! Our staff will introduce you to all the details of the dishes. It is possible to adjust the tasting menu according to the allergies. To confirm your booking there is a deposit needed to the bank account details we will send you (at the moment, no credit card option due to misuse and frauds). Please read terms and conditions about deposit payments and cancelling once you confirm booking. Please notify us about your arrival time – be advised that you will need to take time to enjoy all 5 courses – which is minimum 4 hours.


We typically see a high demand for smaller tables, which means it may be easier to find availability between our time slots for lunch. When confirming your reservation, also confirm seating hour.

No minimum spend policy on the terrace.


in period from June 15th to September 1st: 12 pm, 2 pm or 4 pm
in period from May 1st to June 15th, from September 1st to October 1st: 12 pm and 3 pm
• Our guests are more than welcome to enjoy the lounge area and the beach before or after the listed seating hours.

LATE ARRIVALS – please note to arrive on time for your seating to avoid all the delays and waiting so you can fully enjoy your time at BOWA.


Everyday our chef creates a new menu depending on the daily catch of the fresh fish and available fresh food. Everything is based on Mediterranean cuisine and when it comes to food, our philosophy is fresh, domestic and high-quality food.


No prior reservation offered at the lounge area, but our staff is here for all the information needed about how to enjoy your time before or after lunch at BOWA.


What makes Bowa exceptional is an intimate and natural island pebble beach with crystal clear sea. The sunbeds are free of charge and the restaurant does not offer a prior reservation. Make sure you bring your sun-screen! The restaurant offers towels for guests free of charge but there are no showers available.


The island of Šipan is rich in wildlife, and we like it that way. However, if you have any allergies, or you’re simply bothered by insects like mosquitos and wasps we recommend you to wear long pants and appropriate footwear.

Please announce any severe allergies that you have to the staff.